Bachelorette Party Candies

Welcome to Bachelorette Party! Are you tired of seeing the same one or two kinds of penis candy at bachelorette parties? Well then I created this website for you! There are only so many kinds of naughty treats you can find in stores, but on the internet, there’s all kinds of delicious chewy, crunchy, and chocolatey penis-themed goodies to be found! And this website has links to the best of the best of all of them! Looking for something to lick on? Have a preference when it comes to milk, dark, or white chocolate? Or maybe you don’t care what color it is, just as long as it’s hard. Or maybe you like it to be a little gummy or minty… okay, so my innuendo fell through there, but you get an idea of how many different types of penis-shaped candy there are! Or, if you prefer to keep it classy, there are some penis-free options available, too, although not nearly as many! No matter what you’re looking for, if your bachelorette has a sweet tooth, you should be able to find something here that’s sure to satisfy!

Find all this candy and way more at, and take a look at my friends’ websites for even more penis dessertscool party decorations, and cute bachelorette party top suggestions!