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Small White Chocolate Penis Pop
If you prefer your pops to be a little more chocolatey, give this a try! Also available in black, for equality (and flavor)'s sake.
Big Black Chocolate Penis Pop
Just like the small penis pop, but, well, bigger! Because let's be honest, size does matter. Also available in white, for flavor (and equality)'s sake.
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Milk Chocolate Penis
If you don't want your dick on a stick, grab this solid milk chocolate penis instead. Great for testing how much you can fit in your mouth, or for nibbling!
Chocolate Penis Party Pack
Okay, so, maybe the "penis" in here is a bit of a misnomer, because penises are only a part of what this pack has to offer! Comes with sampling of penises, butts, boobs, and vaginas, so you'll have something yummy no matter what you prefer to munch on!
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