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Gummy Penises
Have you ever wanted to just bite down on a penis and tear through it? Well, that might not be so easy with some other types of candy, but these gummy penises are just perfect for that!
Giant Jelly Penis
Little gummy penises just not doing it for you any more? This giant jelly gummy penis is sure to satisfy! It's over 7 inches long and super thick, making it the ultimate chewy delight!
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So maybe sweets aren't really your thing, but that doesn't mean you have to go the whole night without the feel of a little pecker in your mouth. After all, can you think of any better way to freshen up your breath?
Dickilicks Gum
If you want to keep the same penis in your mouth for hours and hours, try some of this penis-shaped gum! Comes in strawberry flavor.
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