Penis Hard Candy

Penis Hard Candy

These tiny little penises may not be as big as some of the lollipops or chocolate candies, but not only are they full of flavor, they’re super cheap! At 25 cents for a pack of 5, you can afford to get whole bucketfuls for your party!

Rainbow Penis Candy

These are probably the most colorful penis candy out there! Not only do they come in six different flavors, but… wow, the color is so bright! I’m almost blinded by these penises!

Dick Tarts

They might not have the wide range of flavors that the other kinds do (they’re all cherry), but they do have a nice little tarty tang to them!

Dicky Charms Necklace

The only penis-themed gift that doubles as a tasty treat and a fashion accessory! If you give these to your bridesmaids, not only will they have something to eat all night long, they’ll be the talk of the town, strutting about in these fashionable necklaces!