Penis Lollipops

Penis Pop

This lollipop claims to be an “all day sucker.” But knowing bachelorette parties and their guests, I don’t think that’s very likely! Still, it’s a pretty good size and comes in a variety of flavors, making it the standard for penis-shaped lollipops!

Succulent Willie Pop

Another pretty normal (as normal as penis pops can be, that is!) lollipop, but what sets this one apart is that it’s flesh colored – a surprisingly rare thing in the world of penis suckers!

Penis Lollipop Bouquet

These are a little smaller than some of the other options, but who ever said size mattered, right? Not only do you get a wide range of flavors with this, but it’s a great deal for the price if you have half a dozen or a dozen hungry, penis-craving bridesmaids to feed!

Penis Ring Pop

In case a regular lollipop isn’t portable enough for you (or if you think your hands will be busy with something else…), this is a great little treat modeled after the well-known ring pop candy!

Giant Rainbow Penis Pop

Here it is, the alpha and omega, the be all and end all of penis pops. This monster is way bigger than all the other penis pops and comes with all the flavors of the rainbow packed into one. This is my favorite penis sucker out there, and if you give it a try, I bet it’ll be yours, too.